About us

About Sky Acoustics


Sky Acoustics was founded in 2013 and our corporate headquarter is located in Toronto, Canada.  We design, engineer and manufacture custom acoustical ceiling & wall panels and grid systems for the high-end niche market.  The products are manufactured using a fiberglass core board with a coated veil or fabric covering.  These products are aesthetically enhanced and incorporate the highest acoustical rating and light reflectance in the market today.  How do we stack up against the competitors?

Sky Acoustics Vs Competitors

Technical Data

Sky Acoustics


Light Reflection – LRV

90% for Pure White

90% for Pure White

ASTM C423 Sound Absorption Test, Type E400

NRC 0.90 SAA of 0.89

NRC 0.90 SAA of 0.87

ASTM E84 Test for Fire

Class A

Class A

Sky Acoustics has assembled an experienced management team in Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing .  We have the Technical Expertise in the custom ceiling and wall panel operations.

Our line-up of products is designed with:

     1.  Quality craftsmanship

     2.  Short lead time

     3.  Competitive cost advantage

     4.  Flexibility in customer requests

     5.  Quick decision making capabilities without the “red tape”

The suspension grid system will have the sharpest “defined edge” with easier and faster field installation.

Sky Acoustics’ current line of products includes:

Aura – Custom acoustical ceiling panels manufactured in any geometric, curved or complex shapes. The panels feature:

  • Aluminum Metal Edge Surround
  • 1/8” Defined Joint
  • Seamless Edge Profile – New Feature
  • Perfect Panel Thickness Control – New Feature

Panels are coated in a smooth monolithic fine texture finish in “Pure White” for the highest light reflectance or any customized colors or choice of fabrics.  Built-Up Returns are also available to enhance visual impression of depth and thickness.

Super Cluster – Acoustical clouds and shapes. A collection of various sizes of flat or pre-curved acoustical clouds and shaped panels.  Custom shapes and sizes are also available.

Stratus – Commercial ceiling panels. Standard sizes of ceiling panels (2’ X 2’, 2’ X 4’, etc) are designed for the standard ceiling layouts and mounted in a T-Bar grid system.

Nexus – Acoustical and Hi-Impact Resistant fabric wrapped panels customized in various sizes, shapes and curves. Finished with customer choice of fabrics.


Mounting Systems:

  • Aptus – Custom aluminum suspension grid system is a completely concealed torsion spring ceiling system. The system features a 1/8” defined joint with 100% downwards accessibility for easy access to the plenum.
  • Other Mounting Systems – Direct Mount, Direct Suspended, Suspended Revel & Suspended Accessible Revel.

Sky Acoustics management team has the experience and a strong commitment to engineer and manufacture the highest quality products in the industry.  We aspire to bring to life the designs and visions of Architects and Designers worldwide.