Aptus Suspension


Custom aluminum suspension grid system with a concealed torsion springs. It features a ±1/8″ defined panel joint with 100% downwards accessibility for easy access to the plenum.



  • • Concealed Torsion Spring
  • • Light weight extruded aluminum grid
  • • 100% downward panel accessibility
  • • Torsion Spring tear drop feature for safe panel installation and removal
  • • Panel joint grid fins provide controlled ±1/8″ defined joint line
  • • Pre-cut to size and labelled grid for easy identification and installation



  • • Completely concealed torsion spring ceiling system.
  • • Light weight grid system made from extruded aluminum.
  • • 100% downward panel accessibility through the use of torsion spring.
  • • Torsion Spring ends have a tear drop feature for safe panel installation and removal.
  • • Panels can be hung and swung open or completely removed for easy access to any services that may be required above the Aptus system.
  • • Intermediate grid fins provide a controlled ±1/8” defined ceiling panel joint line.
  • • The suspension system is custom engineered and manufactured for each specific project.
  • • All grids are pre-cut and labelled for easy identification and installation for field assembly.
  • • Interconnecting brackets are fastened to grid to form a rigid system.
  • • Custom curved panels, built-up or extruded aluminum returns are easily incorporated to the Aptus system.