Sky Acoustics AURA / APTUS has an enhanced High-LRV finish.  While maintaining a 0.90 Light Reflection Value, we have expanded the Finish Textural range to offer 3 AURA Panel Finish textures.  We now offer Smooth, Standard, and Heavy Textured Finished products. The “Smooth” texture has a “near painted sheetrock” appearance and is a trending finish texture within our product offerings.

Sky Acoustics has created a new standard in large format acoustical ceiling panel appearance.  These finish enhancements are made possible due to eliminating the painted finish.  This is accomplished by covering the edge of the high-density fiberglass face.  The painting of this edge-grain fiberglass is problematic, visible and vulnerable.  The AURA Panel, which is provided as a standard painted finish in multiple textures, can be wrapped with textiles.  Deeply pigmented colors, such as Black, Grey, and Earth-tone finishes are trending for this product.  The finite 1/8” panel-to-panel joint nearly disappears as soon as these deep rich colors are implemented.


The Sky Acoustics’ AURA Panel is comprised of a 6 to 7 pounds of density fiberglass core, an additional 0.125” thick 16 to 18 pounds of high-density fiberglass face and an acoustical veil that adds uniformity to allow the product to receive a uniform painted finish.

Sky Acoustics has engineered a new 3-sided aluminum frame that fully applies these core elements.  This advancement provides many distinct assembly and visual advantages such as:

  1. AURA Panel edge is precise from edge-to-edge and around all 4 corners.
  2. AURA Panel thickness is consistent from back-to-face.
  3. Painting an open fiberglass edge is eliminated which, in the past, caused visual inconsistency and issues with manufacturing.
  4. The AURA frame has eliminated the risk of delamination or edge damage due to the exposure of the fiberglass core material.


Sky Acoustics’ APTUS SUSPENSION is a state of the art Torsion spring suspension system.  APTUS positions every AURA panel to be 1/8” from adjacent panels, lights, and diffusers that are integral to the AURA/APTUS system.  APTUS allows the AURA panels to be floating clouds, enhanced acoustical ceilings with perimeter trims or designed returns.

Enhancements in screw slot depth, connection plate strength, and torsion spring safety allow for complete accessibility within the APTUS system. The APTUS suspension framework provides for torsion springs to act as an engineered hinge so panels do not need to be removed or placed while accessing the ceiling.  Upon completion of access points, the APTUS torsion springs secure and re-position the AURA panel to a precise factory engineered location within the APTUS extruded aluminum suspension.

Sky Acoustics’ APTUS Suspension can be curved, sloped, waved, radiuses, circular or flat.

Sky Acoustics Vs Competitors
Technical data
Sky Acoustics
Light Reflection – LRV90% for Pure white90% for Pure white
ASTM C423 Sound Absorption Test, Type E400 MountingNRC 0.90 and an SAA of 0.89NRC 0.90 and an SAA of 0.87
ASTM E 84 Test for FIREClass AClass A
Aluminum Edgeimage001image002
Downward Accessibilityimage003image004
No-formaldehyde optionYesNo
Rigid face option – Co Polymer faceYesNo

Sky Acoustics
Light Reflection – LRV90% for Pure white90% for Pure white
ASTM C423 Sound Absorption Test, Type E400 MountingNRC 0.90 and an SAA of 0.89NRC 0.90 and an SAA of 0.87
Texturea. Controlled texture
b. Smooth fine texture
c. Heavy texture
d. Custom texture – Multiple colored
Standard Texture
Bright Colors (up to 5’X10′)YESNO

Panel Composition and Assembly
Sky Acoustics
Core Material Density6 to 7 lbs6 to 7 lbs
High Density Face16 to 18 lbs12 to 14 lbs
Acoustical VeilYESYES
Seamless Edge Profileimage005image006
Panel Face to Suspension Aluminum ProfileYesNo
Delamination ControlYesNo
Unified Panel ThicknessYes – Controlled by Aluminum Edge ProfileNo – Controlled by High Density Fiberglass
Extra Large Panels SizeYesNo
Perfect Aluminum Edge Defined 1/8″ Jointimage007No
Aluminum Edge Defined 1/8″ IntersectionYesNo
Panel Size Exceeding Core SizeYesNo

Suspension Attributes
Sky Acoustics
Aluminum Extruded GridYesYes
Torsion Spring MountingYesYes
Grid Connection PlatesYesYes
Extruded 1/2″ Screw RacewayYESNO
Fortified Stiffening Grid PlatesYesNO
Torsion Spring Safety TipsYes
Mobile Mounting Spring AnchorsYesNO

Sky Acoustics
ResponseCalls are responded 24/7Regular hours
Production Lead time4 – 6 Weeks from all approvals16 weeks
PricingBest in comparable productsHigh
FlexibilityCustomer requests – mostly accommodatedLow
Decision MakingInstant / FastSeveral levels of “red tape”