Aura panels are custom manufactured with extruded aluminum edges, which offer great design flexibility with a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including curved panels, geometric shapes as well as flat standard and large panel sizes.



  • Aluminum Metal Panel Edge
  • Controlled ±1/8″ Defined Joint
  • Seamless Edge Profile – New
  • Perfect Panel Thickness Control – New ±1/8″ ceiling panel defined joint control


The Aura Pure White painted panel is an acoustically transparent coating in a smooth monolithic fine texture finish. It has been specially formulated to provide the Aura panel with a brilliant light reflectance of 90%. The Aura panel is finished on the surface and the surrounding metal edge to give the panels a truly complete finished look.


The Aura painted panel is also available in any custom color with the same acoustical transparent coating in a smooth monolithic fine texture finish. Custom colors could be matched to any paint chip specified by the designer

AuraColours A3
Selected fabric finish is also available for the Aura panel. Fabric is bonded or stretched applied over the surface and edge turned with a minimum of 1″ on the reverse of the panel.


Aura-fab-bgryAura-fab-gry Aura-fab-o